Chiro treatment and the phases of healing

One of the ways Chris works out which is the best treatment to give his patients is by asking questions and performing tests to establish which part of the injury cascade you are in. There are three phases when an injury takes place and they include:

  • the inflammatory phase – hours to days
  • the repair phase – days to weeks
  • the remodelling phase – weeks, months even years.

1.  Inflammation phase

  • Protect injury from further damage
  • Prevent excessive inflammatory response
  • Reduce swelling
  • A focus on safe movements and contractions
  • Advice and education.

2. Repair phase

  • Gentle tension and loading protocols
  • Progressive return to normal loads and tension

3. Remodelling phase

  • Prevent tissues contracting or shortening (happens after injury)
  • Treatments with full range of movement
  • Treatments with normal loads and tensions
  • Rehabilitation protocols to encourage increased strength and flexibility

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